We have experience in subordinated debt investing, equity investing, PIPE transactions and bridge note financing. We typically invest in non-startup businesses with established or imminent revenue and strong management teams. We will also consider select new venture and turn-around situations where we believe we can add value. Please see our active portfolio investments.

We are able to offer several unique benefits to our partners, including:
■  Access to sophisticated financial and business advice in mergers and acquisitions, financing, joint venturing and strategy
■  Flexibility as to how we structure investments and accommodate the needs of various stakeholders
■  Our ability to quickly understand, evaluate and execute investments
■  Access to a deep network of influential individuals across multiple industries and geographies
■  Ability to lead or participate in investments
■  Access to co-investors for larger transactions

Typical Investment Terms
Investment Size $3MM – $10MM (ability to lead or co-invest with a syndicate)
Security Type Flexible in order to accommodate the needs of stakeholders; typically subordinated notes and / or preferred stock
Hold Period / Maturity 1 to 5 years
Equity Features Minority (non-controlling) interest; board observation rights

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